Artist / Community Education Memorandum

Crafted in the Fall of 2016, the following document represents Sara Kaltwasser's community/education memorandum; a document which informs her teaching practice and work when collaborating with other artists or creative practitioners. 


This is a practice of learning and exchange.


Knowledge is given and received here.


Each person present has a voice, and experiences that have value.


Those in attendance actively listen to one another and engage in dialogue together.


As such, no one person’s words have more power than another person’s words.


We understand that words have power.


We consider our words.


We respect the words of others.


We partake in critical investigations of the world in which we live.


We vigorously discuss, debate, contemplate, and explore the systems in which we participate, knowingly and unknowingly. 


We question those systems.


We dismantle those systems.


Each experience begins in earnest; open and playful.


We make things.


We are free to make a response of our choosing.


We make things that challenge social and political conventions.


We make things that share stories that are our own.


We open our hearts to the stories of others.


We hold each other accountable for what we say, what we make, and what we put out into the world.