Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in Portland, Oregon, Sara Kaltwasser has been working as an artist and practitioner in the field of art and youth art education for the last 16 years. Kaltwasser brings a variety of skill sets and experience to her work, as an artist engaging with communities and as a teacher and program coordinator supporting educational experiences for a variety of learning styles and age ranges. She has a deep interest in the confluence of education and activism and the roles of artists and art as a means of amplification.


As an educator, Kaltwasser has a sincere passion for working with people, having experience working with individuals of all ages in academy-centered settings as well as working within and supporting less traditional educational spaces. With special attention focused on developing and implementing curriculum for children and teens, Kaltwasser values an approach in the classroom that revels in student’s ideas and interests; with emphasis placed on experimentation, collaboration, investigation, and active creative research by participants. Sara’s teaching practice fosters spaces of learning that encourage dialogue about concepts, especially as it relates to what art is and what role it plays in one’s daily life. As part of her teaching practice, value is placed on play and multiple intelligences.


Kaltwasser maintains an interdisciplinary-studio and public painting practice, which ranges in scale and technical execution. Her current studio works examine the space between teacher and student, with a special focus on learned histories and the aesthetics of knowledge. Artworks typically have an interactive element, and sense of play or discovery as well. Sara has facilitated and supported mural projects for a variety of entities in Portland, Oregon and Baltimore City, Maryland. Her work includes collaborating with organizations, such as CARES NW, a Health and Counseling service provider that supports youth survivors of sexual assault and child abuse, and Human Solutions, a non-profit that serves families living in poverty as well as refugees that have recently moved to the Pacific Northwest.


Sara Kaltwasser currently works at Access Art, a youth-centered after school program located in Morrell Park, a small neighborhood in Baltimore City, Maryland. Access Art addresses the artistic, emotional, and cognitive development of middle and high school youth through providing students with a safe space to create, positive adult role models, empowering activities that build technical expertise, and leadership development.


Kaltwasser acquired a degree in Painting and Drawing via the Studio concentration from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2006. She received a Community Arts Merit Scholarship in 2016 and 2017 to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art’s where she recently acquired a Master of Fine Arts in Community Arts. She is also a recent recipient of the Libby Bowerman 82’ Teaching Fellowship at Keswick Care Center.


Sara Kaltwasser currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.