The Way We Play - Art Class by Sara Kaltwasser

The Way We Play - Art Class

The Way We Play - Art Class took place at the Men & Families Center, Inc in the McElderry Park neighborhood of east Baltimore during the spring of 2017. 

The class centered around creative play, and the exploration of play, games, and memory. Over the course of 3 months 9 participating artists created artworks, including the Queen Project, Play-History Portraits, and artworks that can be played with or that represent moments of childhood play. The project culminated with and Art Show and Play Day, that featured works by artists from The Way We Play - Art Class and also featured a game room where people could play games, make art, and build things. Many Thanks to Community Partners & Funders, including:

The Men & Families Center, Inc / / Glenn Ross / / MICA Office of Community Engagement