The Embrace by Sara Kaltwasser

The Embrace

This body of work examines the act of the embrace. With embedded symbolism from art history and inclusion of personal iconography, these pieces attempt to reconcile my ever evolving relationship with God to my personal commitment to live a life that centers, community care, equity, and justice. 

Some people use God’s words to build walls, justify hate, or subjugate people. I reject this use of God’s teachings, and instead seek actions of spiritual liberation. where love and kindness is offered without condition.

What I hope for, and created in this work, is a space where an embrace is a righteous action. A space where we embrace and care for one another with reverence rather than judgment. Where we embrace knowledge rather than fear it. Where we embrace ourselves for who we are and who we have the capacity to become. It is in these moments of true embrace that we see one another, as well as ourselves. It is in a moment of embracing knowledge that we become willing to step beyond our own understanding, and make a move towards justice. It is when we love not just our neighbor, but our community in totality that we reveal each person’s truly devine purpose.