ODOC #256... by Sara Kaltwasser

ODOC #256...


On April 29, 2014 an Oklahoman inmate died of a heart attack after the state began administering a new lethal injection protocol.  His admittedly more painful death prompted an examination of death penalty protocols around the country.

This body of work is my attempt to understand the role of the Criminal Justice System and its use of the Death Penalty. Specifically, I am interested in the bureaucratization of ending a human life and how this manifests in real time. 

All portraits depict death row inmates currently managed by the ODOC.  All portraits/information were pulled from public records. In an attempt to remain objective, I have refrained from reading inmate incarceration records and have not contacted any of the individuals depicted. The only information I have allowed myself to review beyond inmate's name/number is whether or not an individual has been scheduled for execution.